Single Sessions

NDSC offers a single session option for those divers who need to work on a specific dive or skill.  Choose from either a single dryland training session or a water session where coach Jason will utilize the overhead harness and belt to help focus on learning new dives in a more controlled environment.  Jason has over 20 years of experience pulling divers in a belt, and NSDC offers the only option for water belt training in the metro area.  Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

  • Dryland Single Sessions will be held at Midwest Gymnastics and are available on Sundays.  These are half hour, private sessions.  Please call NSDC at 612-499-2263 to schedule the time.
  • Water Single Sessions will be held at Hidden Oaks Middle School and are available on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  These are one hour sessions that take place during our normal club practice time.  Please call NSDC at 612-499-2263 to schedule the time.
  • Cost: $50/session + $3.25 online processing fee

To sign up for a single session, the athlete must first have a current USA Diving Membership – Competitive Limited ($12 + $2.95 online processing fee).  This membership is valid through August 31st of the current year.  Make sure to select North Star Diving Club as your Club Affiliation.   Then complete the Online Registration process, selecting either the “Single Water Session” or “Single Dryland Session” program, and contact us at 612-499-2263 to schedule your single session.

If you think you or your diver would benefit from multiple sessions, please consider signing up for one of our regular programs.  Not only is it more economical, but also beneficial in terms of consistency.


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