Coaches Education & Certification

North Star Diving Club is a registered USA Diving Club. All coaching members of the club will be required to join and have the appropriate certifications to be fully certified USA Diving coach members.  Parents and athletes can be certain that coaches possess and have access to all the resources to teach diving safely and in a systemized manner. All coaches will have continuing education with diving, teaching and coaching techniques.  All North Star Diving Coaches will be required to maintain the following certifications:

  • USA Coaches Membership: as a part of this application, they are required to complete a criminal background screening
  • Complete the USA Safety and Risk Management Certification (at least once every 3 years)
    • Includes a knowledge based online exam to confirm understanding of how to manage and minimize injury risks during training, as well as how to respond if/when injuries do occur
    • Includes a practical component where coaches demonstrate how to respond in cases of in water accidents or emergencies.
  • Have a valid CPR Certification
  • Have a valid First Aid Certification
  • Complete the United States Olympic Committee Safe Sport Program and possess the information necessary to more effectively monitor their organization, to minimize the opportunities for child physical and sexual abuse and other types of misconduct, and to know how to respond to concerns.

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