See what other athletes and parents are saying about Coach Jason Baumann and North Star Diving Club:

14 & Over Team-1“Jason is the kind of coach that will help any diver meet their potential, even if they themselves don’t know how high that might be. At the age of 12, Jason told me I had the potential to make National Teams, World Teams, and push the limits of the sport with more difficult dives. Now, 10 years later, with the use of his “take the time to do it the right way” training methods I have been able to reach each and every goal we set. By molding my basic skills and techniques through Jason’s coaching early on, I was set up to excel in collegiate athletics and beyond, as well as add harder skills both safely and successfully.”

Laura Ryan, USA Diving National Team Member










-Rowen, NSDC Future Champion Participant, Age 8

“Jason – Yesterday, for the first time since February, I saw THAT SMILE, the one I thought might be gone forever, along with his gymnastics career. When I asked him last night how diving went, he said something like “good, I got a new dive” with THAT SMILE…..the smile that is better than all the other smiles, the one that radiates pure happiness and tells you that all is well in their world. Thank you for giving him (and me) THAT SMILE back!”

-Email from Parent of a NSDC Diver

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